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Many homes will be filled with family, friends, and loved ones tomorrow. Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings us together and makes us stop and count our blessings. As you prepare your feast and your home for the holiday keep these safety tips in mind.

T – Thawing your turkey on the counter is not a good idea. Plan ahead to allow plenty of time for it to thaw in the refrigerator below 40 degrees.

U- Under no circumstances should you fry a turkey indoors. Frying turkey has become an extremely popular trend and for good reason – it’s delicious! Just use caution when you do, outdoors for frying turkeys is the way to go.

R- Remember to clean cooking surfaces regularly. With so many ingredients crossing over your countertop it’s easy to forget to wipe them down. Have spray or wipes on hand that kill germs and clean the countertop frequently when preparing your holiday meal.

K- Keep the kids and pets away from hot surfaces. The kitchen is a busy and popular place during Thanksgiving. It’s easy for little hands or paws to get burned. Ask a family member or guest to keep them entertained and away from hot surfaces while you cook.

E- Ensure the inner temperature of your turkey reaches 165 degrees. Raw turkey is not something anyone wants on the menu. We all want to have the perfect bird even if it’s a little overcooked that’s better than undercooked!

Y- Your smoke detectors need to be in working order. If you didn’t just test them when we rolled our clocks back be sure to do it before you start cooking for the holiday.

Republished Article Original Source: By A.S. Davidsen, published on November 22, 2017.
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Posted by Frank Ferrell on November 22nd, 2017 12:17 PM


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