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Orlando median price jumps 12 percent amid declines in both inventory and sales.

The inventory of homes available for purchase in the Orlando area dropped by 9.91 percent in July 2016, contributing to a 6.28 percent decrease in sales and a 12.04 percent increase in median price when compared to July 2015. Inventory has experienced 13 consecutive months of year-over-year declines.
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The median price of Orlando homes during the month of June increased 15 percent compared to June of last year, the result in part of yet another double-digit decline in inventory. Sales decreased by 3 percent when compared to June 2015, but increased by 5 percent when compared to last month.

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Sales of existing homes in the Orlando area took a big jump last month, with nearly 20% more homes closing in February 2015 than in the same month last year.   Orlando's overall median price rose almost 5% from  February 2014 to February 2015.    The overall median price for February 2015 is $165,000,  4.5% increase compared to $158,000 last year. The year-to-year median price comparison has now increased for 43 consecutive months.

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