Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews. I have included several of those here for review.


Getting the Word Out . . . 

Frank helped sell Dads house after he died. With the market upside down he still stayed on top of promoting this house. He goes beyond what is needed in presenting the house, communicating with us and also the lawyer, we had to deal with. Frank has got to be one of the best agents in the field. He is also very professional but very friendly and so easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Frank to everyone.

D. Fischer, Orlando, FL


From Turbulence to Smooth Landing . . .
After a bumpy start with a different agent in October, Frank was referred to my by a co-worker. I found him to be very easy going and comfortable to work with. He was not pushy at all, I never felt pressure to consider one house over another. He always made me feel that I didn't need to rush into anything. Buying a home is a huge decision and doing it on my own for the first time was a scary prospect at times. I had a bit of a stress induced meltdown after I had begun contract negotiations on the house I bought and was considering backing out of the deal, he calmly spoke with me on the phone and assured me, that if I chose to back out...there were other homes on the market, no big deal. An attitude i greatly appreciated at the time! Again...no pressure whatsoever! He offered to meet with me at the home and go over my concerns...an offer I took him up on. His calm, professional manner was refreshing. I would recommend Frank to anyone who is in need of a Real Estate Professional!
L. Smith, St. Cloud, FL


Mother Knows Best . . .

I met Frank through my mother. He helped her a couple of years ago sell her house and find a new one, and helped me and my wife purchase our house last year. He always does a great job in helping his clients! This was my first home purchase and he spent a lot of time walking me through what all I needed to do and recommended the right people to do the inspections and appraisals. I highly recommend working with Frank; he is very patient and never pushes people into making a decision. I think we looked at 50 houses before finding this one and Frank was always there to help us.

R. Jennings, Sanford, FL


Professionalism and Integrity Come First . . .

Frank has been extremely professional, forthright and a pleasure to do business with -- and that's a quality we haven't seen in many of the real estate agents we've come in contact with.

B. Morris, Longwood, FL


Whatever it Takes . . .

I moved here from Fort Lauderdale, and Frank worked with me tirelessly for over 4 months, sending me house after house. I even changed my mind about the area, but he never lost patience. He offered to take me to every single house, but I wanted to drive the neighborhoods myself on my way home, so he was fine with that. He was Very accommodating. I needed help finding additional funding, and he referred me to a great mortgage broker. I needed the closing moved up--he did it. It was truly a painless process. Frank was really great!

P. Quick, Orlando, FL


More than a Salesperson . . .

My wife and I were entertaining the idea of selling our home but had a few concerns. We called Frank, who agreed to stop by to answer our questions in a "no strings attached" informational way. Frank was honest and to the point with what was needed to bring the house to a saleable condition. He did a complete walk through of our home and helped us create a "To Do" list, and quite to our surprise, came over and helped us get some items finished. Frank was patient with our demanding work schedules, and worked with us to get the house on the market in a timely fashion. Frank did a fantastic job determining the value of our home. To be honest, our first reaction to him was "We think you’re about $20K too optimistic... but we'll trust you and list for that price". We felt that if it didn't sell in a few months, we would reduce the price since we weren't in any big hurry. I'm not sure how he did it... but he put the sign out on a Thursday evening and by Sunday we were signing an offer for full listing price. Amazing! If you're thinking of buying or selling a house, do yourself a huge favor and do what we did. Call Frank to get the inside information you need, and the professional help you're looking for.

J. Kellie, Lake Mary, FL


Seeing it Through . . .

Frank stuck with me through almost 2 years of looking for a house that a single teacher with expensive tastes could afford. He worked for me diligently and thoroughly for the entire time through multiple ups and downs as contract after contract fell through. He eventually found me my dream home and I couldn't be happier with the house and the work he did to help me get it. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an agent, he is honest, dedicated and friendly.

Sara S., Apopka, FL


A Good Fit . . .

Frank worked with us for almost 2 years to find a home we could afford, had the right amenities and in the location we wanted. He hung with us and kept finding houses for us to look at. He worked within our schedules and helped us narrow our focus to make a decision. Frank helped us get a house that will provide a wonderful home for our family for years to come. On the back side he is helping us rent/sell our old home. Frank is a good Realtor and a good friend.

Barry G., Altamonte Springs, FL

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